What are Connect Groups?

Connect groups are home based bible studies in various locations across Fairfield.

As a church increases in size, it’s important that every person has an opportunity to know and be known by others. Our groups work to connect people to other like-minded people and to God Himself.

Why should I get involved?

The first reason is you will grow in knowledge and understanding of God’s word. This is vital for every Christian, man or woman, younger or older. God’s word should become, over time, a familiar source of truth, encouragement and direction.

The second reason is that being with like-minded people is fun and very rewarding.

The final reason to insert yourself into a connect group is that the group members work together to see people become Christians and for new Christians to become solid in their faith. Each connect group will reach out (outreach) to non-Christians on a continual basis, giving you an opportunity to do something for Jesus.

How do I get connected?

That’s the easy part…and you can start right away!  All you have to do is go along.

Perhaps a friend introduced you to Jesus. The best connect group for you would most likely be the same as your friend.

Or perhaps you have made a friend in church since you starting coming along, just ask your friend which connect group they attend and slot into that one.

Or it could be that travel and time is an issue for you, so choosing the closest group might be the best option for you.

Our Connect Group locations in Fairfield City

Greg and Maria – Bonnyrigg

Mobile: 0415 347 736

Nilton and Slavica – Prairiewood

Mobile: 0431 034 784

Luke and Nat – Fairfield

Mobile: 0433 020 445

John and Jade – Edensor Park

Mobile: 0434 274 580


Ps James and Donna – Edensor Park

Mobile: 0425 359 506