I was a mess. I was caught up in my life, my way! The pub was home to me. I used drugs all weekend and felt suicidal through the week; waiting for the high of the weekend to come around. I was involved in the occult, I was an alcoholic and drug addict.

I moved in with a lady I met, and soon, she became pregnant. I thought “This is it! this is going to change my life now … no more drinking, no more drugs, no more gambling!”
My daughter was born and even with the help of treatment, I was unable to quit. I was in a drug induced psychosis and was put on drugs to keep me clean. I started using again. My paranoia increased. I masked it with alcohol which caused me to become aggressive.

As a boy, my family and I fled a political coup in Arica Chile, and crossed the border of Peru to seek asylum. We were granted migration to Australia as political refugees. My father had always been a violent alcoholic. When I was 12 I started smoking marijuana, drinking alcohol and started to fight my father back; I had enough.

I was leaving the pub one night with a beer in my hand and was stopped by a man who told me about Jesus and gave him my number. Months went by and I drug binged every weekend. I became unwell and depressed. One night I had the shakes and felt like I was at the end of myself. I called out to God for help. I had enough; I was considering ending my life. My phone rang and it was the man who I’d given my number to months ago. He invited me to church. I went a couple of times but continued in the drug scene after feeling too embarrassed to go back because I had attended a church service drunk and aggressive. Later i was invited to see a drama at the church; Tony Hoang’s Break-free drama. That night, I gave my life to Christ.

I am now free from addiction and my life is restored, all glory to Jesus!

I realised I couldn’t change my life, only through Jesus was I able to break free!