My life was built on forgetting the past, burying the pain, not thinking about the future but to just have fun with friends.
I lived a lifestyle of rebelling, stealing, drinking, partying and throwing away my education.
I had no sense of worth, no real happiness and no future.

I was born rejected. My first memories as a child was watching my father abuse my mother. It hurt to see her in so much pain. Soon enough my father started abusing me in every way. I was broken, I was alone, I was in pain and I was only 4. My father left and I grew up poor. It was just me, my mum and my sister. I was too young to understand that my mum was always working so she could simply put food on the table.. I just thought she was too busy to play. My sisters response to our circumstances caused her to withdraw .. I just thought she just didn’t want to play.
I grew up with lots of kids on the street and they had a complete family. I wanted what they had so I began to place my love within my friendships rather than my family.

I went through school thinking that I wasn’t good enough and I wasn’t pretty enough. I become insecure, I was anxious and I lived in fear. I had no idea how to communicate and was emotionally shut off to the world. I bottled everything in.

When I was 16, a Christian couple showed me the love of Christ as they told me about Jesus. They took me through a prayer and Jesus Christ stepped into my life when I was heading toward destruction.

Through Jesus Christ I was able to break free from the bondage and pain of my past. I now have new life in Him, a real sense of happiness, a future and a hope.