I used to hang out on the streets.

I was fascinated by action movies and men that were courageous. At 14 I was introduced to boxing. I found myself in awe, watching these older guys train and hit the bags. My friends father took me under his wing he was a coach, mentor and he was a father figure to me.  I found a sense of belonging in boxing. I quickly excelled, this led to further opportunities to represent NSW.

At the same time my older brother became a Christian and invited me to church. I was so inspired by his changed life that I started attending church. My life was really turning around and between church and boxing I was busy and content and this kept me off the streets.

I was craving identity security and acceptance something I had missed out on growing up. My relationship with my Father was strained due to cultural and language barriers. He rarely communicated anything that affirmed me, the only show of something positive was to give me some money on a rare occasion. The adults sat and ate together and the young people sat and ate separately together. I was tight with my brothers but culture and things I saw growing up left a deep longing for a father figure.

One night I made a decision I wasn’t going to come to church anymore. I was adamant I’d quit church and give my all to boxing. There was a struggle in my mind and heart. I felt as though if I let go of boxing and this father figure in my life then I would have nothing. I did not understand how much God cared for me and that He had even greater plans for my life. I did not realise that only God could fill the void that was in my heart. A man told me a scripture John 15:7″ if you abide in Me and My words abide in you, you will ask what you desire and it shall be done for you”. I decided to follow that call, I decided to follow Jesus. I quit boxing and have been so glad of that decision. The void I had in my heart and the craving for identity, security and acceptance I have found in Jesus. I am happy and content with my life it’s been over eight years since I made that decision. The best decision of my life.