Both my parents are from Thailand after they got married they decided to come over to Australia to start a better life for themselves.

They were both working full time when I was born and neither had their visas. Eventually when I was 5 they made the hard decision to send me back to Thailand to live my mums family. We lived a pretty normal life. I went to school and also went to the temple every week. Buddhism is one of the main religions in Thailand. I was only young but I just could never understand why we would waste our time when Buddha never did anything for me.

My parents separated and my mum remarried Kevin. They started going to the local church, the Potters House Christian church in Cronulla. I was 9 when I came back to Australia .We went church on Sunday and I instantly knew that there was something different. I knew that this God that my parents worshiped was not dead but alive. I sat in church and didn’t understand a word. Mum translated what the pastor was saying that we are all sinners needing God’s forgiveness and if anyone wanted to receive Jesus in their heart and make heaven their home, I knew that’s what I wanted, I put my hand up and began my relationship with Jesus Christ.

High school was a very interesting stage in my life. I went about my business. Tried to blend in but eventually that didn’t work. I began to see everything as rules and I developed an attitude of “ I’m missing out”. I was in a group conversation with a girl who I admired. She seemed like she had everything together. She was telling us how she had just gone to the GP and got a script for the contraceptive pill. But for a second it was like she let her mask slip and what I saw in her face was emptiness and I realised that what God has given me is far greater than any pleasure this world can offer you. I decided that day that I wasn’t just going live my life in the grey area. I began reading my bible and praying every day. I was water baptised and filled with the Holy Ghost not long after.

Up to this point I had never had a boyfriend, one day I was speaking to a friend who made a comment that has stuck with me till today . He said he was jealous of my purity and that I should value it. I never saw my simple act of obedience as something to be valued. It gave me a whole different mind set. I valued who I was in Jesus and the privilege to have a testimony of a church kid.

Luke and I had been friends many years. There was just a great spirit of friendship. We began courting on December 14th 2011 and married by the 12th August 2012. Both only 19. My first kiss was at the altar and I’m so glad that I married a guy who valued my purity as much as I did.

After our wedding Luke and I began to make our impact as a couple. As we have continued to serve God He has blessed us in so many ways, financially, in our marriage and at our work place. God had a plan for me since before I was born, from the very beginning, till now and I believe there’s so much more for the future. I would never trade what we have for anything else.